?So perfect ?#selfcare . #Repost @lisaoliveratherapy with @get_repost ・・・ Re-sharing an old Post: This is a hard one. A really, really hard one. A lifelong lesson, really. One we will most likely always be in reckoning with. It means letting go of trying to control the outcome. It means letting go of the notion that if you just do enough + say the right thing + show up enough + say it nicely + approach it perfectly, they’ll *finally* understand. It means giving up the belief that it’s your responsibility to shift the way everyone around you responds, reacts, and engages with you. It means releasing the idea that you will finally help them see it the way you do, or think about it the way you do, or talk about it the way you do. It means no longer allowing someone else to have responsibility over how you feel. It means releasing the need to please or satisfy. It means grieving what isn’t to make room for what is. And, while it’s hard... As we practice, it also allows us to find more freedom, more ease, more relief, and more personal responsibility. It gives us permission to relieve ourselves of the task of convincing, proving, and showing. It reminds us that not everything is up to us. It offers us a chance to find acceptance in all of who we are, even if others haven’t gotten there yet. It reminds us of what is and isn't ours to carry. It gifts us the chance to let go of the continued disappointment we might feel from those who just don’t seem to understand yet. It reminds us that it isn't our job to make sure anyone else gets it. It gives us more energy to live. As hard as you may try, you cannot force people to see what they are not ready or willing to see. And, sometimes, they find their way on their own, and we realize it was never our responsibility to force them. Sometimes, us allowing others to go at their own pace (while holding our own boundaries) is actually what allows them to meet us where we wish they would have in the first place. And, if they can't, we know it's no fault of ours. ✌?

Posted: November 30, 2019
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