Powering other Socially Conscious Businesses

Powering other Socially Conscious Businesses

CocoaCompassion®️ Collaborations: Powering Responsible Businesses

Spotlight: Chris Amendola
Owner, Executive Chef
Foraged Eatery

3520 Chestnut Street, Baltimore MD




“To me, being a chef is not about fame and wealth, It’s about being an inspiration, mentor and a voice. I want to open peoples’ eyes to their surroundings and also I want people to be conscious of what they are cooking for their families or what they eat when they go out. We should start by consuming seasonal ingredients and in doing this, this supports your local farmers which is important to your community. Helping take part in making our local community better is a priority. If we all try, our world will be better for future generation”

– Chef Chris Amendola

The proof is In the pudding ..well..really the finishing salt & chocolate


70% cacao bean-to-bar chocolate featuring chef-crafted, local salt from the Chesapeake Bay.

The cacao beans are from Tanzania, they were ethically sourced and of the highest quality. (SIDE BAR: Hawaii is the only cacao growing region in the U.S.A.  Cacao only grows 20 degrees north and south of the equator.)

CocoaCompassion® Collaborations give back 20% profit: 10% to a social, economic or environmental initiative selected by our partner. 10% to a cacao growing community initiative.

get a foraged. bar


Increase awareness, curiosity and engagement regarding Chef Chris’ hyperlocal philosophy.

Serve up stories regarding the innovative products Chef Chris’ is developing.

Deliver on the wants and needs of a culturally diverse, fun neighborhood that is close to downtown Baltimore attracting singles and young families.


Chef Chris wants to share stories through food that are meaningful and promote conversation.

This story focuses on how oyster farms are much more than food, they demonstrate the power of aquaculture.

Such a story, opens up the opportunity for conversation and debate, as many people believe farm-raised fish is bad and wild is the best. When it comes to shellfish, it’s a different story. It’s a story for more to hear and discuss.

Scientists are exploring how shellfish farming can benefit local ecosystems and local economies. As Chef Chris states, the Chesapeake Bay is a great example.

Chef Chris wanted to profile the unique flavor found in a local oyster called Happy Oysters. He did this by working with the Farmer of Sapidus Farms, Mike Manyak.  Mike shared water from his farm and Chris experimented until he was able to craft his own salt;  this is the finishing salt featured at Foraged.

Chef Chris’ commitment to hyperlocal dishes and story telling led to the creation of this private label chocolate bar which upholds all the values, including great taste, local community involvement and empowerment.

Gift deliciously healthy chocolate products

20% profit from the CocoaCompassion® products you purchase will be reinvested to provide underserved communities with the high-value skills and resources needed to turn local ingredients and materials into finished products that pave a path towards economic independence.

  • CUSTOM WOODEN GIFT BOX (upcycled using local materials, logo laser engraved )

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