Posted: February 23, 2015
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Dr. Neil Scott - Founder, The Makery Hilo

In 2003, Dr. Neil Scott joined the University of Hawai`i with support from the National Science Foundation to continue the research and design he began at Stanford University in 1992, focusing on creative problem solving to improve human/computer interaction strategies and technologies in education and disability access.

In January 2000, Neil was recognized as one of fifteen Bay Area futurists who would shape the way people live, think, work, and play in the new millennium. He was named a Lifetime Tech Laureate in 2002 by the International Tech Museum, San Jose for his commitment to creating innovative technologies that promote equal opportunity and diversity for people around the world.  Neil is committed to helping people in Hawai`i develop technological skills and careers and has developed a unique concept, called The Makery that provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, tools and resources to transform their own ideas into real functioning products.

Dr. Scott's experience and documentation has convinced him that coping with our complex technology-based world requires:


  • an understanding of how things work

  • knowledge of how things are made, and

  • acquisition of the skills required to make needed products.


He established a training program for people with disabilities entitled Technology for Untapped Talent (TUT) in 2011 to empower individuals with disabilities to become  participants and leaders in creating computer-based design and manufacturing in Hawai`i.  

In 2013, Dr. Scott founded The Makery Hilo, to provide individuals throughout the community with unique opportunities to learn computer aided design (CAD) and computer assisted  manufacturing (CAM), and how to use these to tools create and market valuable wooden products from invasive species such as albizia and eucalyptus,  and traditional Hawaiian hardwoods such as koa, monkeypod and mango. The Makery is ecologically challenged to create valuable products from reclaimed wood.

The Makery works with public and private schools to develop curriculum that engages students in art, mathematics science, engineering,and technology (AMSET).  Dr. Scott is working closely with Connections Public Charter School, Hilo, to provide students with hands-on Makery experiences, both in-school and out-of-school.


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