Hilo, Hawaii: In-Region, Tech Hub

Posted: November 12, 2016
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Development HUB for edutainment programs serving cacao-growing regions

(Fact: Hawaii, is the only cacao growing region in the U.S.)

CocoaCompassion® is constantly seeking partners to create new markets where chocolate and local resources are tools that bring people together and power thought provoking engagement within and across communities.

It was through the exploration of partners that CocoaCompassion founder, Joy Thaler, was introduced to Dr. Neil Scott, a former research engineer at Stanford University and founder of The Makery in Hilo, Hawaii which is a unique space that provides training and resources that will empower companies and individuals to perform 21st Century manufacturing in Hawaii.

Dr. Scott believes that the future growth of local communities requires a pool of skilled artisans and new opportunities for them to develop high-value skills. He also believes that a new active learning environment will lead to economic independence, increased entrepreneurship and a decrease in at-risk-youth, teens and young adults.

Dr. Scott had already been considering the potential for using Hawaii’s emerging chocolate industry as a catalyst for helping students understand the relevance and economic importance of STEAM subjects within their local community. We quickly realized that our shared values and goals were complementary; together we would create unique interactive experiences that empower local communities with knowledge and skills for greater success and prosperity within our rapidly changing global economy.

The place where it all happens. One block from the tourist shops and Hilo Bay.


Passerbys stare through the front window where a computer numeric cutting machine & laser is at work.


Albizia trees have caused problems statewide. These invasive albizia trees are perceived to be structurally weak. Great work is being conducted to overcome these misconceptions which could help ease Hawaii's housing crisis. The Makery is actively educating communities about upcycling this invasive species and using high value tools to create and market valuable wooden merchandise.

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