Posted: February 23, 2015
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Maura Rapkin - Dual Masters Student in Food Studies, Business Administration  

Maura is currently a student at Chatham University, where she is working towards a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Food Studies.  After graduating from University of Rochester with a Dual Bachelors degree in Film and Environmental Science, Maura decided to start cooking because she felt food was a universal and timeless career choice.  Her experience includes work in Michelin starred farm-to-table and seasonal restaurants, prominent Manhattan bakeries, as well as some earlier experience in catering companies and small restaurants. A diverse background has led her to her focus in working towards sustainable, ethical, and eco-sensitive practices with food.  She hopes working with Cocoa Compassion will bring greater awareness to the places where systems can be improved within the cocoa market, and looks forward to making a big impact in the field!


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