#powerful❤️ . . Repost from @dwactingstudio using @RepostRegramApp - Every day and every passing moment is a brand new opportunity. . Our past will go along with time as it flutters by. . Though time is our own illusion, it gives us the freedom to allow the past to only be there. In the past. . You can choose to re tell the stories you have, or hold on to, even cling to as your reasons, or excuses. The past can make us happy or sad and can be helpful or harmful. . Sometimes an old story can light my fire and make me want to conquer the world. . Other stories can make me want to shut the windows and stay in. . Old stories will affect you when you re-tell them. They will set you back into the defeat that came with it the first time. . STOP! . A story is only a story and you have control of your soon to be past. Choose to live in your happy future, looking forward to and feeling great! . That will affect your now. . If you feel bad based on current given circumstances, then choose a better feeling. And stop reminding yourself of the circumstances. . . . . 📷 @themichellewest . . . . . #betterfeeling #oldenergy #oldhabits #actor #actorslife #live #actingclass #onlineacting #deanwestactingstudio #deanjwest #deanwest #abrahamhicks #feelgood #love #lovethyself #penquinlife #choosetofeelgood #choosetosmile #actorcoach

Posted: May 17, 2019
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