For Karma (Four handcrafted, soft and dunkable Karma Bars)



If you haven’t visited ThePod, by CocoaCompassion in Dobbs Ferry, NY then you likely haven’t sunk your teeth into this YUM handcrafted by Dawn nor had a cup of what we call sipping chocolate. Now you get both 😍😍.

The karma bars have been described as part Biscotti part Mandel Bread. Pure comfort.

These soft, yet firm bars feature chunks of bean-to-bar chocolate chips (50% cacao, single origin, Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili). The chips are also handcrafted at ThePod. The tops of the karma bars are dusted with organic cinnamon and organic cane sugar. Takes me back to mom’s cinnamon toast❤️. These are SOY, DAIRY AND NUT FREE. WE DO NOT PROCESS NUTS

When you arrive at ThePod, show your receipt and we will share the love.  If your intention is to gift them, hide them. The temptation to open is enormous. If they’re for you…. May Karma be with YOU XOXOXO

20% of all profits support social emotional and mental wellness programming. 👏🏾  Thanks for your support

Karma is the Sanskrit word for action.
Karma is an active work in progress.

Speak kindly, observe moments of self judgement, give yourself another chance (a karmic boost).

When you feel bad about an action you took, look at what led up to the behavior in question and what happened after. Be kind to yourself. Say “next time I will do better.”

You’re not good or bad. You are a constant work in progress. 😘


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