MyPodGrows: Summer 2020 Internship FundRaiser: Dark Chocolate Bites with hand foraged sea salt (70% cacao)


Delicious. Healthy. Empowering.
We create great bean-to-bar chocolate that starts a conversation about things that matter. Enjoy alone, with your bestie or someone you just want to know better.

CocoaCompassion & Foraged.Eatery Fundraisers give back 20% profit: 10% locally, to a social, economic or environmental initiative and 10% to a cacao growing community initiative. This fundraiser locally supports BackYard Sports Cares and JCY Westchester Community Partners, two organizations that have impacted our summer interns, Ben and Andrew.

The Goods….

  • Dark Chocolate with Hyperlocal Sea Salt (70% cacao)
  • .5 oz pack (7 bites/pack)
  • Cacao, Single Origin, Tanzania

Cacao Profile

  • Ethically sourced, centrally fermented, cacao from the heart of Tanzania by Kokoa Kamili.
  • Roasted, winnowed, melanged and molded by CocoaCompassion®in New York.
  • Cacao Variety: Trinitario (Amelonado x Criollo)
  • Harvest Year & Season: 2015 – May thru November
  • Bean Flavor Characteristics: Initially fruity, with hints of kiwi and green apple, mellowing out to a fairly mild cocoa flavor.

Sugar Profile

  • Panela: 100% natural and unprocessed cane sugar.
  • Produced and packaged by farmers in the Quimbaya region of Colombia and shipped to Nela® headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland

Salt Flavor Profile

  • The unique flavor in these bites was found in a local oyster called Happy Oysters.
  • Chef Chris Amendola accomplished this hyperlocal creation by working with the farmer of Sapidus Farms, Mike Manyak.
  • Mike shared water from his farm and Chris experimented until he was able to craft his own salt; this is also the finishing salt

Ingredients: 100% Tanzanian cacao beans, panela, Chesapeake Bay sea salt

Nutrition Facts: Serving size:.5oz (14g)
Servings per container:1/Calories:70/Fat:4g

Corn syrup-free
Free from most common allergens (peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, wheat, fish, shellfish, corn, soy)



Ben decided to raise awareness and support Backyard Sports and Backyard Sports Cares through a special pack of bean-to-bar bites. Andrew decided to promote and support Westchester Community Partners through a special pack of craft chocolate bars.

In the spirit of balance and equity, they decided to total the sales generated from both the bars and bites and then equally split the proceeds. We thank them for demonstrating economic equity.

Backyard Sports and Backyard Sports Cares aims to unify and bring together communities using athletics as the medium. They strongly believe that all kids, no matter their background, deserve to have the opportunity to run around, play with their friends and be kids.

Westchester Community Partners organizes community service programs to improve literacy and education for children in the area. This includes mentorship programs such as Reading Buddies that pair children with student volunteers to create meaningful bonds as well as helping with academics.

We thank Ben and Andrew for helping develop and launch our social action program, MyPod Grows. Through the artistic, emotional, and environmental qualities of chocolate, they have been able to explore their values, practice self-care, and consider social injustices faced by marginalized communities locally and throughout the world.

As next generation leaders who are passionate about food, nature, self care, community engagement and social justice, their input regarding personal and professional development programs that will best serve their peer group has been invaluable. It has been eye opening to watch them dig deep, recall and discuss varied emotions and then try to draw parallels to others’ situations.

We all agree, there is nothing more important than self love. We must discover our voices and make choices that keep our lives moving in the direction of our values. When times get tough, and they will, we need to reach for the tools that lift us and keep us pointed in the right direction.

Ben and Andrew flexed new muscles and explored how nature, cacao and artistic expression can be part of their tool box. For that we are grateful. Our wish is that they recall and reach for these non-traditional tools. We hope these tools continue to serve their personal growth and support the building of meaningful human connections.



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