MyPodGrows: Summer 2021 Internship FundRaiser



  • 2- Foraged.Eatery Dark Chocolate Bite packs with hand foraged sea salt
    • 70% cacao, single origin, Tanzania
    • .5 oz pack (7 bites/pack)
  • 1- Foraged.Eatery Dark Chocolate Bar Pack with hand foraged sea salt
    • 70% cacao, single origin, Tanzania
    • 3 oz (3 bars/pack)
  • MyPodGrows Program overview card with self care coloring card

40% of all proceeds are being donated!
10% to Girls on the Run, NYC
10% to The Latin American Youth Center, MD & D.C.
10% to the Latino Student Fund, D.C.
10% to a cacao growing region

Thank you for supporting MyPodGrows Summer Internship, a four-week values and leadership program where students:

  • engaged in dialogue with our business partners at origin
  • conducted a landscape assessment of the cacao industry
  • created art inspired by individual values
  • designed and executed an Instagram takeover that culminated in this fundraiser for a local organization of each intern’s choice and a cacao farmer/producer stakeholder

Throughout, the students learned how staying true to their values resulted in authentic, thoughtful and compassionate change.

All at CocoaCompassion want to thank three very special people, Abby-Rose Notarnicola, Stephanie Cheung and Tonya Sosa, who nurtured a proof-of-concept program tested during summer 2020 by Andrew Joe and Ben Thaler.

Their authentic desire to grow personally and professionally allowed this program to reach the next level. The roots are deepened and the fruit is blossoming.

They agreed to be vulnerable, share their fears, hopes and dreams. They focused on the process, not the outcome. Together we all grew. It was fun and challenging. We all agreed that holding the tension of opposites is powerful. Life can be this way and that way.  We can be this way and that way. It’s not one way or the other.

Let YOUR values guide YOUR choices and YOUR actions. Do you 🙂 xo


Chef Chris Amendola’s commitment to hyperlocal dishes and storytelling led to the creation of the original Foraged.Eatery chocolate bar pack; the bites are made with all the same ingredients, love and uphold all the values, including great taste, local community involvement and empowerment.

Salt Flavor ProfileThe unique flavor in this bar was found in a local oyster called Happy Oysters.
Chef Chris Amendola accomplished this hyperlocal creation by working with the farmer of Sapidus Farms, Mike Manyak. Mike shared water from his farm and Chris experimented until he was able to craft his own salt; this is also the finishing salt

Cacao Profile

  • Ethically sourced, centrally fermented, cacao from the heart of Tanzania by Kokoa Kamili.
  • Roasted, winnowed, melanged and molded by CocoaCompassion® in New York.
  • Cacao Variety: Trinitario (Amelonado x Criollo)
  • Harvest Year & Season: 2015 – May thru November
  • Bean Flavor Characteristics: Initially fruity, with hints of kiwi and green apple, mellowing out to a fairly mild cocoa flavour

Sugar Profile

  • Panela: 100% natural and unprocessed cane sugar.
  • Produced and packaged by farmers in the Quimbaya region of Colombia
  • Shipped to Nela® headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland


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